Futuring – How do you “make” the future?

A journey through time and into dealing with uncertainty.

We all look to the future to make decisions in the present. For example, whether to take an umbrella when the weather is bad or to start thinking about our next summer vacation at the beginning of the year. But how will we deal with the future in twenty or a hundred years? We are already experiencing it: Things are likely to be tuned upside down.

The ability to invite the “future” to learn more about the now is what UNESCO calls “futures literacy”. In our futuring workshop, we want to do just that: learn from the future.

Futuring will take the form of a design and imagination jam in which we will create unique “futures artifacts”. We will build, provoke, entertain, and inspire each other. Each artifact tells the story of an alternative future. Most importantly, we learn about the present and how we deal with uncertainty. 

in collaboration with Eva-Maria Spreitzer, https://www.the-initiative.net/about

Next Event:

Fri June 30, 2023 (1pm – 6:30pm)

Thu Sep 14, 2023 17:30 – 21:00, (followed by a meal)

organized by the Library for a Happy Future at Werdmühleplatz Zurich in collaboration with WE ARE AIA. All interested people are invited.

Location: WE ARE AIA, Löwenbräu – Zurich

Registration: kontakt@klimastadtzuerich.ch

Languages: German and English (if desired)

Workshop Facilitator

Eva-Maria Spreitzer is a Futures Literacy practitioner and transformative researcher. She sees her work as a form of exploration of “newness”.

Sonja Schenkel works at the intersection of art and science for sustainability and transformation. She is co-curator of the Library for a Happy Future and founder of Storytex.