Culture as a Lever for Transformation

A Planetary View of the Systemic Relevance of Art and Culture

During the last two pandemic years, arts and culture struggled for political recognition as “systemically relevant” sectors of society. Since then, the discussion about the role of the cultural sector and the usefulness of artistic works for our societies has been booming. The question of systemic relevance also concerns this work.

From our point of view, however, the question is posed in a slightly different way: when are art and culture systemically relevant for an exhausted social system that must be considered outdated and obsolete in the face of the great challenges of our time? Or put differently: When are art and culture system-stabilizing for the persistence of unsustainable conditions? And when do art and culture become system-relevant for a post-fossil and regenerative society in the making? And when do art and culture become system-transforming?

Fort-Coming Research Publication by Björn Müller and Sonja Schenkel, in collaboration with Mercator Foundation Switzerland

Launch- Sept 16, 2023