On Mind and Matter.

Storytex connects and weaves relationships through art, science and participation.

Transformation takes practice.

By doing and making, we test our assumptions and learn about our connections and interconnectedness. Mind interacts with Material.

Storytex was born from this experience of a close relationship between the sense and sense-making.

Our focus is on interactive formats that bring art, science and entrepreneurship into dialogue. These encounters include film, textile and citizen science.

Textile and film are physical processes that require creativity, collaboration and decision-making. Storytex uses these artistic techniques for new narratives, thought patterns and sustainability fiction, for iconic woven works, as well as for transformational playgrounds.

Citizen Science is a generic term for a range of participatory formats. We apply it to empower individuals and communities to do their own measuring, engage with existing open-source hardware devices or to collaborate with science. 

Our special interest lies in bridging Citizen Science to Traditional Knowledge and the Regeneration of the Natural and Human Environment.


  • Futuring – How do you “make” the future?

    Futuring – How do you “make” the future? A journey through time and into dealing with uncertainty. We all look to the future to make decisions in the present. For example, whether to take an umbrella when the weather is bad or to start thinking about our next summer vacation at the beginning of the […]

  • The Brilliant Failure Project

    The Brilliant Failure Project International partnerships often involve a lot people, resources, money, different languages and culture. In fact, in such settings, there are heaps of things that may go wrong. Our team of researchers agreed that while you cannot avoid failure, we at least want to learn from it. But how? We asked people […]

  • The Library for a Happy Future

    The Library for a Happy Future The Library for a Happy Future is a place to find inspiration, draw strength and meet with others. Together we seek to assemble a collection of positive visions for the future and answers to the question of how we can find enthusiasm while responding to the climate crisis. How […]

  • A Shared Land – Participatory Planning in Buffer Zones

    A Shared Land – Participatory Planning in Buffer Zones Buffer zones play a major role in bridging the divide between conservation and inclusive development. Historically, the buffer zones were introduced as a neutral area between countries or two areas of domination. From today’s conservationist perspective, they could be understood as a pilot area to demonstrate […]

  • Culture as a Lever for Transformation

    Culture as a Lever for Transformation A Planetary View of the Systemic Relevance of Art and Culture During the last two pandemic years, arts and culture struggled for political recognition as “systemically relevant” sectors of society. Since then, the discussion about the role of the cultural sector and the usefulness of artistic works for our […]

  • Science Kitchen

    The Science Kitchen “The way to a man’s and woman’s heart goes through his stomach”, so the saying goes. The physical and intellectual food served in the science kitchen stands as a proposal of how to integrate joy, empathy and sensory pleasure with scientific urgency and knowledge in the field of sustainability transformation. Eating is […]

Reflections / 05 – 2023

What happens when people do things together?

We believe that by “making” something with your hands, you engage more deeply. You activate other sense. Most importantly, collaboration either with the material or people who are connected to your project start to matter. Read here on a process of film production that gives an example. Scientists as Storytellers